Interior  design & supervision, focused here on the concept-design and outsourcing side.

from hand-sketching to site opening. 

Ensured project documentation was accurate and coordinated.

Provided updated progress reports and quotes on projects based on  client requirements.

Supervised construction activities, including coordination of Contractors and Owner contracted services and/or products.

Conducted design coordination meetings with architects, sub-contractors, pre-construction meetings, site inspections, punch list meeting and final project closeout.

Reviewed all requests for information, changes requests, etc. and issued appropriate response.

Ensured close out package was properly prepared for client

10,000 sq.feet, 20 days of preparations/negotiation/quoting etc; 4 weeks for sea-shipping, 5 weeks construction.

website below:

Design of facility / Interior 施設・インテリアのデザイン

Research  研究  / Analysis - 分析、

Survey 調査 /Drafting 起草/Zoning ゾーニング  

Visual Presentation ビジュアルプレゼンテーション 

Ensure of outsourcing Contract 外注契約の確保   

Direct Import 直接輸入   Purchasing  購買 

Ensure of transport budget 輸送予算の確保   

Verification 輸送効率検証 


Health center ( before) 2F


Design office


Offshore production/outsourcing